Saturday, 26 November 2011

It Starts At the Beginning

I consider it a great blessing to be able to look at my life and see many new beginnings. A thousand roads of process follow from this day; so many places God will take me, so many lessons God will teach, so many people God will introduce me to.

I cannot look forward and see how God will intertwine and weave the fabric of my life together to make something good and useful for His purpose. But I know that the steps I am taking now will be part of something I will be able to look back on, from future perspective, and see God's handiwork and craftsmanship so evident in my life.

Thank you for joining me here. This blog will be a place for me to document, to share and, hopefully, to allow you to experience God's work with me. May He be most evident in all things we think, say and do.

"All this time, since the day that I was born
I've never known a time like this
I don't want to let You down"

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