Wednesday, 7 March 2012

It is Time

3 months before my internship to the DRCongo,
t-minus 3 hours before departing for Asia.
I will soon be flying out to Vancouver, Hong Kong, Manilla
en route to Banaue, Philippines for a week of stay.

Following this will be a journey to Takua Pa and Ko Panyee Thailand
Finishing this trip will be a week in Bangkok and team days on the Thai Coast.

Please keep our teams in mind. 
If you wish, please pray for our protection and for motivation to do 
what is set before us with thankful hearts and willing spirits.
Pray that we will remember the real purpose behind our work,
and the tasks and jobs are a means to a much greater end.
Pray that we will fall in love with the people
and that we all may fall deeper in love with God.

I have no idea what is going to happen on this trip,
so I guess I will just have to give all the credit for the amazing events
that will come to be,
to God. 

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