Friday, 30 March 2012

Who Am I

I have been in Bangkok, Thailand for about a week now on an adventure of experience. 
A week that is about experiencing, listening, watching and deeply being affected. 
I cannot even begin to bring to words all that I have felt this week as I and my team have been a part of teaching English to community Thai kids under the overpass. 
As we have prayed through the floors of the Nana Plaza, a red light district in Bangkok. 
I cannot bring to words the love for the hurting and the anger for the injustice. 

I find myself wondering who am I to be living these moments. 
Who am I to have been blessed by the story of a Sri Lankan refugee family living in a tiny apartment and looking for a home.
Praying to be seen by the UN and ushered into a new place. 
Yet their joy and satisfaction in Jesus humbles me. 
All I can say from the hour long visit with them is that they were the hardest people I have had to say goodbye to this whole trip. 
I also find myself wondering who am I to share the stories of people who have experienced circumstances in life beyond what I could imagine. 
I have been broken and deeply affected. 
Today we visited Rahab Ministries who reach out to prostitutes. 
As I sat in a room full of women affected by the sex trade but who had now all found new life, and as we all began to worship together I could not help by cry. 
God is good in all things. May our hearts be stirred by what we see. 
May our hearts be shaken by experience and story. 
May they be broken by the brokennes which wounds the heart of God. 
I wish I could write more, but no amount could do justice to the stories anyway. 
This week I am continually reminded of how much I do not know that is happening in this world. Pray for what affects your heart, and pray for the things that you have no idea are happening.  
Pray that all the world may open their eyes to, and experience the true love of God face to face.

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