Sunday, 22 April 2012

Spring, Visas and the Oncoming Days

Well spring is finally, truly coming to Edmonton.
As classes at Vanguard have finally (not that I wasn't loving them dearly) come to a close
the days have been filled with a little study and a lot more time outside.
 Kite flying and outdoor meals have already commenced and I look forward to more in the future.

                                                               Take to the skies


                                                                               (photos courtesy of this girl)

In other, but important news, I received confirmation for my Rwandan VISA via email. I will present this certificate upon entry to the country as I travel through Rwanda and into DRC.
I mailed the VISA package for the DRC on Thursday,
hoping it will process quickly, without hiccups and return quickly.
The surreal phase is just beginning to hit me as school raps up and the trip approaches.
I find myself really wondering what the real life experience of traveling to
and living in the Congo will be.
I expect difficulties, I anticipate God's touch. I imagine it will be tough, I know it will be life changing. 
38 days remaining.

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