Monday, 9 April 2012

A Simple Awe

My first round of travels this year has now come to a close.
Back in Canada now with great people and a particularly special girl :)

I was walking home late last night and just thinking about life.
I was enjoying the brisk Canadian air,
watching a city rabbit hop through the wet grass
and thinking about how I long for an ever greater awe for the simple things.
To have an awe for God's creation and to be able to see the intricate
yet subtle beauty in all things.
To see the touch of God in nature.
I would trade all my stuff and any riches for something like this.
After all, if you found such joy in the free things, what need would you have for anything else.

Flying over Russian rivers

At a Filipino School

A walk with some of the kids from Noah's Ark

View from Restaurant in Batan, Philippines

Koh Panyee, Thailand Schoolroom

Koh Panyee View

Koh Panyee

Bangkok Chalking
Alligator Wrastling

Takua Pa Wildlife

Koh Samed Wildlife

Flying over Alberta

"I will be poor, if it means I can find
more of a passion, for the secrets You hide"


  1. Those are incredibly beautiful pictures, Drew!

  2. The editing on the pics looks stellar! Thanks for the shout out :) I am currently sitting across from you in the library. Great thoughts too.