Saturday, 27 October 2012

The North.

Well I guess it has been beyond that point where it has been too long since the last post. Time has carried us into two full months of school now as October soon draws to an end.
In the past month I had the privilege of joining the missions department on the bi-yearly trip up North. I led a team to Fort Resolution where we simply tried to love people and the town, and where all our eyes were open to the need there.
Small, isolated towns lead people into various and, often, unproductive and unsatisfactory way of filling time. We definitely did sense that the youth desired a different life than the alcoholism and apathy of manner of their parents. People yearn for change, purpose, meaning and something more.
I hope our lives while there demonstrated the value we saw in their lives even if our interaction may have been mostly through games and just having fun.
God can use all sorts of things to do all sorts of things.
May the old become new again. 

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