Wednesday, 30 May 2012

It is Time.

5:49am in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.
1:29pm in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo. 
I will leave for the airport in about 20 minutes to catch my flight at 8am outta here. 
The funny this is, 
I feel like it still hasn't hit me yet
which means that this is probably a big deal. 
I do believe that this summer will be a time of shaping and sanctifying. 
I do believe that God has big plans
and I really want to follow them with my whole heart. 
God has been good in all His provisions.
Blessing me beyond what I could ever deserve,
and I hope that I can be a blessing to His people in Africa. 
Thank you to everyone supporting me
whether financially or through prayer,
when I say it means a lot I say that from a genuine heart. 
What's next....
8am departure from Edmonton, 
Layover in Toronto.
The Brussels Endeavor. Thursday Morning. 
Overnight in Rwanda.
DRC on June 1st.
See you when I get there.

Prayer requests:
For smooth and safe transitions in flights
For a mind and heart focused on God
For the ability to compose many English lessons out of the resources I have
For a continually renewed heart filled with love for God's people

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