Sunday, 27 May 2012

The One.

Some thoughts after watching the film "Beware of Christians" and some discussion of relationships.

We are lead to believe that the search for the perfect person is an external venture, 
However it doesn't take long to realize that every person we get close to is just as broken as we are. 
No, the search for the Mr./Mrs. Right is not what we have been lead to believe it is. 

Rather than an external seeking
it is a venture within ourselves. 
Instead of creating a list
of the way we want that someone else to be
and then looking until we find someone who closely matches that list,
Perhaps we are rather to be pondering over that list,
of the non-negotiable and the bonus features 
we desire in another,
and then applying it to our own lives; 
In order to become that for someone else. 
This is not to say that we should ever settle,
that the character of other is not important.
But it is to say that we will be much more successful
in finding the right person
and finding joy and satisfaction
in relationship
when we
seeking perfection from others and
truly applying ourselves to be what we would want others to be for us. 

If we were all seeking to be the right person,
rather than seeking for the right person to complete us, 
the search for Mr./Mrs. Right would be a lot easier, I think. 

As Christ gave Himself for the church,
for us.
As He gave up His life for even many who would love Him in return. 
This is a model for relationship. 
A selfless giving coupled with the recognition
that equal return is not always expected nor required. 
That is love.
Not kind actions done only so long as they are reciprocated,
so long as I am always made happy in return.  
That is selfishness. 

May we find ourselves filling from an unending source
in order to pour out.
Rather than expecting a broken vessel
to have the ability to satisfy another broken vessel.
May we love without requiring return,
truly giving.

You are the one for somebody,
act like it.

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