Monday, 7 May 2012

Life Goes On

Just returned back from a camping trip in Jasper with great group of people.
Marvelling at the mountains, 
lunch by the river
and a wolf in the morning
were all a part of this trip. 
I definitely find myself connecting with nature and the rugged life,
not minding getting up early besides the extreme chill in the May mountain air. 
Hopefully this will not be the last camping adventure with Vanguard folks. 

Also, upon arriving home
I was happy to see that my visa for the DRCongo had arrived.
The list of to-dos is slowly ticking away,
and the time before I go is quickly rushing by. 
4 years ago God placed this country on my heart,
in 23 days I will be travelling there.
This is real. 

Finances are coming along but still have a little ways to go. 
Please pray for provision of what remains. 

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