Sunday, 13 May 2012

The weekend

Just had a great weekend including some attending of The Black Keys concert in Edmonton. 
Abby and I ventured to the grand Rexall Place in Edmonton to join thousands of other people
and enjoy some fine music. 
But better than this excursion was the early internship gift Abby gave me before the concert. 

I've always kind of wanted a Bible with a tree on it, honestly. 
Hence this Bible was an excellent gift; 
and it also outlines passages 
which talk about the environment and creation in green. 
I like that kind of stuff. 
It will definitely be travelling with me to the DRC. 

I'm becoming more excited about my internship
and the opportunities coming to just build relationship,
to learn, 
and to experience God alongside a whole new group of people. 
I pray that God will continue to develop in me
a heart after His own.
Eyes that see as He sees.
Wisdom to act as He would act. 

Funds are slowly coming in. 
Always praying for more to come.
Sometimes trusting can be a difficult activity,
but perhaps this demonstrates the importance of it.
Faith wouldn't mean quite so much
if you already knew how things would pan out. 
Its about trusting when you cannot see the results. 

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  1. I have to say I'm a little jealous about your Bible. That sounds really cool. I'm in the same boat for support raising. It's definitely a test of faith and trust. I'm praying for you. God will finish what He has started so He will provide for you!