Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Canoe and I

Christmas Day I desired to go canoeing despite the fact that it had snowed.
The river would have been the wise choice, but with a lack of a vehicle to transport the canoe the 4 necessary kilometres, I decided instead to portage my canoe back to the bush so I could just sit in it on the pond, read and have some quality time with the Maker.
Alas, I had underestimated the cold of the winter, and of course the pond had frozen over.
But not discouraged, my canoe and I decided to still take in the day and embark on a small hike around the fields and forest.

This is our journey.

Beginning with a .5km hike back to the bush, slightly through the trees and to the pond.                                         

Resting after hiking to the bush and reminiscing about warmer days. 

Canoe checking out some raccoon tracks. 


Canoe decided to try his luck at tree-climbing. A canoe after my own heart. 

Surprisingly having no arms or legs did not thwart his ability to climb the fallen tree.
(A small joke that canoe made (ask if you don't get it) Canoe humor is quite dry, ironically)

Canoe still climbing, this was about as far as he made it before coming down though
(scared of heights I think, bad encounter with a waterfall). 

Playing hide-and-go-seek in the bush. 
Canoe had a distinct advantage being white as snow and brown like tree, 
so I always hid while he looked. 

Our journey comes to a close, heading back home through the fields.

Some thoughts... 
"Both of us had wished to be on the water that day.
But we had a good journey anyway.
Dreams may not come the way you expect them to,
but that doesn't mean that they didn't come true.

"My thwarts were aching, 
my bow felt like breaking. 
I wasn't made for land-lubbing like this.
 I guess the day was fun,
but boy I'm glad its done,
and I can dream of true watery bliss.
                                                                     - Canoe 


Thanks for adventuring with us.


  1. Haha I found these pictures quite comical. Canoe is very cool looking, you can tell him I said that if you want. Good effects too.

  2. I loved this post! Thanks for posting it. Canoe looks like a great companion for you.

  3. Had a good laugh, thanks for that!