Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Ordinary

Heading to an event called Resurgence later tonight,
they're putting on a service focused on the healing power of God.
As I've thought about this night however I have been somewhat discouraged.
I've been thinking about how I know many of the people behind the scenes of the night,
and they are just ordinary people,
like me and like you.

What kind of miraculous works could be done by people
like us?

But then again,
the ordinary is not a limitation
nor is the extraordinary a prerequisite
for God's ability to do the wondrous.

"The greatest secrets are often found in the most unlikely places" said Roald Dahl,

The ordinary people are a special people, Said our Lord
as He used the dropout disciples, the shepherd boys and the sinners
to do the miraculous. 

Says our Lord when He uses us to do the miraculous
and the mundane.

Don't be surprised
but always be in wonder,
that God works His supernatural power,
through ordinary people
just     like     us.

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