Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Down to the River

 So this is Christmas? I went down to the river today and felt much more like I was looking at April waters than those of December 21. Alas, perhaps it is best that our Christmas is not merely associated with the weather, but with Christ as it should be.
 Even yet though, if the weather continues this way, I will definitely be canoeing Christmas day.

Also some inspiration today; my sister told me about this blog,
 and the life of this girl Katie is pretty amazing. God can really move through you when you move towards Him, selling yourself out for His purpose. Not that you necessarily need to wait on a specific word or call, but that you follow His word and the passions He gives you, allowing Him to direct you as you move.  
   I am lead  to think about my upcoming trip to the DRCongo and how this is not an opportunity to waste or to take lightly, but rather it is a time for me serve with all my heart. To give to God everything I do and more importantly everything I am and trust in His ability to work through me. May I do this with much prayer, much praise and great excitement and hope in God.