Friday, 9 December 2011

On my mind...

On the 28th of November elections took place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
A place I will spend three months of my next year in, hoping to be a light of God there.
Joseph Kabila, the former president has been re-elected,
with protest.
Pray that the elections results will not result in more violence,
pray that the DRC will take no steps backwards, towards, their painful past.
May each event be moving towards a process of healing for the country and her people.

For more information on the elections and the DRC, please click here

Hope is found, 
in the simple sound
of pages rustling
  in an old Holy book. 

Its words are alive
its promises are yours and mine. 
Take them as breath
even when choked in pain and loss.
Take them as daily bread
even when the table is empty. 

No amount of pain can mar
His love which is never far
from wounded hands and hearts
that cry for justice.

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