Friday, 27 July 2012


I had a blast today with my second level English class teaching them about the news
and different sections of the newspaper.
I'm excited to receive back an assignment I gave to them, in which they would each
write a story fitting into a certain news category.
I hoping that with them all we can make a little newspaper
and maybe I'll even post what they choose to write about on here, if they allow it.
I'm so thankful for the moments of laughter and learning
that really make me  feel a part of their lives
and my presence here brings something to the table.

Following either church or English lessons, I always enjoy goofing around a bit
with the youngsters that gather outside.
They always seem to ask if I'm going to drive the car parked in the lot.
I enjoy hearing them yell "lets run!" as I get ready to leave with the pastor. 
Playing with them makes me want my own kids,
but that can wait at least a little while longer I suppose. 



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