Wednesday, 18 July 2012

In Search of Beautiful Sights

I have returned from a long but rewarding journey from Rwanda and Uganda. 
As my half-way point in my internship came along, 
I took an opportunity which arose to travel to a  destination 
special in itself, but made even more so by the people there. 
I embarked across the African countryside with the destination in mind
being the small Ugandan town of Pallisa.
Here I would search for and hope to find a group of short-term missionaries
which would include a very influential teacher in my life
several good friends from Vanguard
and, of course,
my Abby.

I, along with my friend John who accompanied me on the trip,
hunted through the town in search of someone who may know
where the team was.
Before too long we found someone who directed us one way,
and another who directed us another,
and finally a group of people which included someone
who really knew and got us to where the team was. 
We joined alongside the team for a day in the ministry they were being a part of,
playing with kids, teaching, sharing the love of God.

On the way back to Bukavu I stopped in Kigali for a day,
visiting the Genocide Memorial Museum
and catching up with a friend from the UofGuelph
who is in month seven of an eleven month-long missions trip around the world 
called the World Race.

Though I had some small hope of seeing animals
and perhaps taking a Safari while in Africa. 
Seeing these special people for even a short time was more than worth it. 
And God was not finished with blessings for me
On the bus from Kigali to Bukavu 
as it wound its way through the hilly roads of Nyungwe forest,
 I found myself watching the trees, imagining wildlife
swinging from the branches and realizing how much I would love to see some. 
And as God allowed,
the bus took a rest stop in the middle of the forest
and I was quite excited to find that there were monkeys in the trees right beside the bus.

I am very thankful for the time over the past weekend and how everything worked out.
I couldn't imagine a better trip. 

Some moments...

 Kigali, Rwanda.

 Ugandan boy on the roadside.

 When I see these guys I always think of my cousin's old banana seat bicycle,
These perhaps given a new meaning to the name. 

 In Uganda with the Canadian team.

 Some classic sites of the African countryside.

 Monkeys of the vast Rwandan Nyungwe Forest!


And of course the most beautiful sight of all the trip.

A Few Requests

Now back in Bukavu I will have 5 weeks before my final departure.
Please pray that I will make the most of the time
in building relationships and empowering people here.
All the while discovering what God wants to refine in me and teach me.
Pray that my relationship with John, who I traveled with
would be one that would encourage him and challenge him to really take hold of his future
and not merely just wait for others to come along and offer opportunity.

Also please keep in prayer the country of Congo.
Upon my arrival I learned about the potential threat of rebel groups
advancing into the city of Goma, across the lake from Bukavu.
I'm not worried about my safety in the city,
but there are thousands of people facing displacement, violence and loss of life.
Don't forget the Congo.

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