Friday, 22 June 2012

Back To It.

So today I was glad to be well enough to get back to teaching and visiting people. 
I visited some friends at a nearby sowing shop and tried to explain why I wasn't able to come on Wednesday. I think I was quite successful at this. 
However when a sower there commented on how both my shirt and glasses frames were 
LaCoste, my response would cause me stumble into my first classic language learning blunder. 
 I affirmed to her that yes, they were both LaCoste, and then wanted to inform the lady that the
shirt was a purchase from my mother. 
"Mama mungu, ananunua..." I told her.
Except I should have said 'wangu' for 'my' (mama), 'mungu' means God.
and I forgot to conjugate 'ana' from present tense, to 'ali', past tense. 
So while I had intended to say, 
My mother, she bought them."  (Mama wangu, alinunua...:)

What I ended up saying was "Mother God, she is buying them."

And that is why my Congo friends think I am part of this God the Mother sect
that always comes to my door in Edmonton.
And why they also think that I believe that God the mother is going buy my LaCoste apparel from me, probably to help me pay off my student loans...
It's a good life. 

In other news, I have some friends who are tripping to Africa shortly. 
And I thought it may be a good idea to give them some indications of suspicious varieties of mosquitoes to be on the lookout for during their time here.

1.  Anopheles breficases
This of course, is the first breed to be suspicious of. . You can never be certain if they really are a carrier or are just trending, but its good to be careful nonetheless. 

2. Anopheles breficasescertaintus
These guys, on the other hand, are much more malicious. Similar to the first breed, but they are carriers and they know it. Swat them immediately. 

3. Anopheles trenchcotovialacis
This third variety is found in the sketchier parts of certain districts. Don't trust them, and they can be easily avoided by not venturing into the wrong areas.. 
A little blood to trade for malaria is never as sweet a deal as it sounds.

But all joking aside,
malaria can of course be quite serious and fatal if not treated.
Just Sunday I had visited a church member, with my pastor,
who had been bed-ridden and hospitalized by malaria.
Many have lost their lives or loved ones to the disease.
So if you are traveling to an infected area,
do educate yourself on malaria prevention,
medication, possible side effects,
what the moquitoes in the area may be resistant to,
and other preventative measures (bug spray, mosquito nets...etc).
And because even all these things are not foolproof,
don't take any sickness overseas as something
 'small or to be toughed out'.
Get some tests done if you become ill, because you never know.
Keep those affected in your prayers, 
and that healthcare may keep improving to prevent and treat malaria more and more effectively.
And be thankful for your healthcare and where you are! 


  1. HAHA tell me YOU made these on paint?

  2. I may have had a bit of spare time while I was sick haha.

  3. the "mother God" thing is SO sketchy!!
    but the cartoons definitely entertained me!