Friday, 15 June 2012

Maelezo vichache kidogo

 Maelezo vichache kidogo...A few little details

1. Yes you bet that little crank is spinning the wheel. After quite a process of heating and trying new fuel sources (oils, wicks, candles) I was finally able to heat the tank long enough to get that little steam powered motor cranking at high velocity. (I'd post the video, but that would take me 4 days to upload.) However, when I pulled out the fuel source attached to the handle under the metal tank, a fire continued to burn in the chamber. I don't know what was burning or if it was a holy moment from God like Moses before the bush or Elijah on Mount Carmel,  But something was burning. So the next task will be to find a sustainable fuel source for whoever will be using this in school to teach kids of steam engines...or I suppose they could just pray each time before the class for the fire...maybe that's sacrilegious... Hope not.

2. A wedding invitation! This Sunday I will attend my first Congolese wedding, and I'm quite looking forward to it. And yes, to my Vanguard internship professor, I will likely also use the wedding as a cultural experience to write about for one of the papers.

3. . Finally, a few inspirational words from Big Momma T.

"Yesterday a wealthy man from Holland came and said, "I have lots of money." He was shocked to hear me say, "I don't need your money." He just looked at me. he expected me to become all excited and to start listing the places where we need money for this and that. Then he said, "But I want to do something. " Then of course I gave him the address of our sisters in Tanzania, where the people are starving... When I gave him that address, you could see joy in his face. First there had been surprise and then joy. We need to show the people that it's not their money that is important but the "giving."
    That man who came to see me said, "I have a big house in Holland. Do you want me to give it up?" I said, "No." "Do you want me to live in that house?" I said, "Yes." "I have a big car--do you want me to give that up instead?" I said, "No. But what I want you to do is to go back and see some of the many lonely people that live in Holland. Then every now and then, I want you to bring a few of them at a time and entertain them. Bring them in that big car of yours and let them enjoy a few hours in your beautiful house. Then your big house will become a center of love---full of light, full of joy, full of life." He smiled and said that he would be happy to bring the people to his home but that he wanted to give something up in his life. So I suggested that, "When you go to the store to buy a new suit or some clothes, or when someone goes to buy for you, instead of buying the best that would cost fifty-five dollars, buy one for fifty dollars and use that extra money to buy something for someone else, or better still, for the poor." When I finished saying this, he really looked amazed and exclaimed, "Oh, is that the way, Mother? I never thought of it." "
(Excerpt from Where There is Love, There is God, Kolodiejchuk, pg 28-29)

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