Monday, 6 August 2012

A Bit of a Dream Come True.

Some things you just can't plan.
Sometimes God orchestrates life in such a strange but beautiful way,
like a melody where you never would have guessed the next note coming
but as soon as you hear it you realize how beautifully and perfectly it fits into the whole song.

This past week I never would have even imagined that one moment of being intentional with a stranger would lead to a series of events that resulted pretty much straight into a childhood dream coming true.
I never would have thought that listening to an American mother share of her frustrations about a cross-cultural wedding would lead to talking about my faith with a Pakistani clothing designer while hiking through the jungle looking for the Eastern Lowland Gorilla.
Ask me about it sometime. 

Somethings you just can't plan.
But you can take pictures!
Here are the smelly beasts that I have been a dreaming to see since reading Jane Goodall books as an animal-loving kid.

Arriving at Kahuzi-Biega Park

The hike into the jungle


 Chilling with the gorillas!

Silverback. Dreams of this.


 Riding in the back of a pickup with the park rangers. 

 Sitting and having a broken-swahili conversation with a bit of a local legend,
i.e. the old pygmy who long ago first stumbled across the gorillas and reported them.

More to come on this crazy week later! Yes there is more :)


  1. Oh my - I am BEYOND thrilled that you got to experience this!!! Look forward to reading more. So great!!!

  2. So amazing! Way to go, Drew!