Thursday, 9 August 2012

I Went Down to the River.

Alright, I realize that I have intended to post photos of Bukavu city for some time now but other amazing things just keep coming up instead. So I am going to delay the photos of the city once again, well twice again, at least. I have a few posts I want to make before making that post.

The first post is of the small journey I was on today with a friend by the Rusizi River as I finally made my way to Panzi hospital where a large amount of women who have been victims of sexual violence are treated. More on that in a time to come.
For now I want to share the walk with you along this river which stretches from Lake Kivu to Lake Tanganika and which divides the Congo and Rwanda.
 I'm not sure how many poetic words I can muster this time around to describe my experience,
I've had a lot on my mind the past week and its been a full day in itself.
I will say this though, I never would have guessed that less than an hours walk outside of the chaos of the city was a place like the one I visited today. I've thought this so many times during my stay here, and today only convinced me more that even on small geographically canvases life is painted with every color here in the Congo.
 Each day, if you allow it to be, is so rich, is so full of experience and beauty and pain and breath-taking moments. I'm so thankful to have been able to have known this place for the time I have.

Also, I will say this. There is something about the river that draws such a deep part of me towards it. If I ever disappear, don't worry, you can find me by the water's edge.

To the left is Rwanda, Congo to the right.



  1. Hi, Andrew --

    I stumbled upon your blog via facebook, and am so glad to see you so happy and thoughtful. You haven't changed one but since the summer I knew you in the Great White North! Your photos and words pull me back to my loved ones in East Africa, and I'm grateful both for the sweet reminders of my own journey and for your reflective spirit. I know it's a big continent and all of the countries are incredibly, beautifully unique, but there's still something so poignant that resonates with me as I read this. People and place are extraordinary, and I'm glad to see you experiencing and appreciating that so fully. I can see that it is as dear to you as it is to me.

    Great blog. Hope to meet again someday.

    Peace --

    1. Also -- your camera looks awesome. GORGEOUS photos. what do you use?

  2. Anna Ruth Anna Ruth! Will you do the fandango?
    Great to hear from you! I'm glad you stumbled on this little avenue of my thoughts and that you are enjoying. Africa is definitely taking a special place in my heart and being here has helped to reflect on my own life experiences much more!
    As for a cam, I have a little canon powershot 300 that I am pretty happy with especially after the abuse it has taken from me. I like being able to just have it pocketed and ready at anytime
    Hope to hear from ya again!!

    1. So cool. I've had fun reading back through your past posts and catching up! Sounds like you're almost done -- enjoy every last minute.

      Wishing you a meaningful transition back home.