Friday, 17 August 2012

The City (II)

The countdown begins. Though I'm trying not to count down the days.
Recent Events: I'm finished teaching classes now and will give my students a final test this coming week. I've seen off several friends from America and Norway now; greatly enjoyed getting to know people from around the world here.

Today I headed for a short visit to Goma where the adventures continue. I can't do a whole lot as far as seeing the volcano goes due to insecurity in the area, back in July it was under threat of invasion by the rebel M23 group.The threat has decreased now though and I'm thankful to be able to see it before I go. Though I've been here only 5 hours now, I can already see that it is a stark contrast to Bukavu.

I'll update more in the coming week. But for now here is the second lot of pics from around Bukavu.

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