Friday, 24 August 2012

Last Days of Class Days.

Here I sit before my computer once again.
My classes and the tests for the students have all finished now,
yesterday I went through the exams, marking them and trying to figure out which students
had really learned well. For each of the tests I had a reading/writing portion as well as an oral part. I enjoyed individually 'interviewing' the first and second level students, however there were too many to test individually in the third level so the audio component was as a group. Below are the written portions for the each level.

First Level  

Second Level

 Third Level

I would just like to take an opportunity now to share some of my favorite exams answers with you from the different levels of classes.

Question 1: Can you give my directions to get to Nyawera Marker from Bethsaida Church?

1 student writes  - Directions from Bethsaida Church to Nyawera Market is localised on right direction if your coming from Major Vayou to Nywarea Market at Mahungu Street behind at Mahungu La Voix.  
--- I never got to Nyawera Market...

different student writes- Yes I can give you directions from Bethsaida Church to Nywarea Market.

Question 2: Write 5 complete sentences of your own. 

Student's sentences: I'm a Christian boy. I still be young. I don't need a wife right now. I need to go far with my studies. I just put my hope in God.
 ---I think he was preaching to me. 

Question 3: If you had the opportunity to speak to a crowd of 10,000 people in Canada, what would you tell them? 

Student 1: I could tell them not to forget our country, in sending us missionaries, and the good missionary like our teacher Andrew. And why not tell them about good things which were done by my teacher Andrew?
---Needless to say, I gave this student an A+

Question 4: a. If you were given 25,000 dollars, how would you spend it? b. How would you use the money if you had to spend it in one day? 

Student 1: If I was given $25,000 dollars I can spend it in some projects. For example an agriculture project.
 If I had to use the money in one day, I mustn't spend it, because the project can't happen in one day.
---Point taken.

Student 2: If I were given $25,000 dollars, I can be happy and I can give the glory to the Lord

--his English was a little limited, and on the other end of the spectrum was student 3

Student 3: If I had to use that money in one day, I can notice that it is very impossible to use it in one day, so one has to think profoundly and deeply how that money will be used/spent. However, this requires somebody to think so much and planify, after planifying then you can spend it in a good way and think about the necessary things or needs for which you wish to spend that money on. But if you do not think before using that money and if you use it the same day, really make sure that you will do nothing unnecessary - the reason why one must think more and more in order to deepen his/her process.

--his English was not limited enough.

I'll definitely be missing my students with all their quirks and different personalities. I enjoyed seeing just glimpses of each of their hearts and passions while here and I really hope that they will keep seeking after God and find themselves in a life full of joy, peace and harnessed potential.


  1. I had such a good laugh at the answers your students had! What an amazing opportunity you had to teach and minister and just love on these people!

  2. As a teacher who's going back to school very soon, I really loved reading this! Students really do make going to class worth it...